1-800Restaurant.comOne of the most reliable of the kitchen appliances is the toaster oven. With a toaster oven you can prepare anything from a piece of toast to a full meal.


A toaster oven works on the same principle as a standard toaster except that the heating elements are horizontal and the appliance has a glass door. Toaster ovens are considered dual purpose appliances because they can perform the functions of a toaster as well as an oven.

A toaster oven is a popular choice for many people. For busy singles that tend to eat out more than in, a toaster oven is a wonderful addition to their kitchen. It’s compact enough to fit into any size space and it can be used to cook a fast and easy dinner for one.

Many parents also give their children a toaster oven to use in their college dormitory. It’s perfect for preparing small meals and with the addition of a hot plate the parent feels confident that their child will eat healthy at least part of the time.

If you’re looking to purchase a toaster oven you can find them at almost every major retailer. The prices vary depending on the size and the features you want.

The very basic toaster oven available has several heat settings that you can use depending on what you are cooking. Even the standard model of toaster oven comes with a broiling tray. They generally also have a heat indicator light so you can judge when the oven has pre-heated to the desired temperature.

The smallest toaster oven will claim a capacity of four slices. This is referring to the fact that four regular pieces of bread will fit within the oven. The sizes graduate from there. For a family it’s wise to consider purchasing a larger toaster oven. Some of the larger toaster ovens can even accommodate a twelve inch pizza.

A recent feature that you can now find on a toaster oven is a digital control panel. For many years you could only purchase a toaster oven that had a manual control. This meant that you’d have to adjust the temperature dial repeatedly to find the exact right heat setting for your particular item.

With the advent of the digital control a toaster oven can now do many additional tasks. They don’t just bake or toast, but a toaster oven can also defrost and brown items. In addition they still make great compact broilers. It’s much more energy efficient to use a toaster oven broiler in comparison to heating the broiler of your standard oven.

The same can be said for cooking other items. If you are planning on baking something small it’s advisable to use the toaster oven. When you turn on your traditional oven you are paying to heat the entire oven compartment. In many cases this is a very large space. It’s preferable to heat the smaller toaster oven. It’s also quicker. The toaster oven will heat at a much faster pace than the traditional oven does.

A toaster oven is a convenient and economical way to cook. They also make wonderful wedding, birthday and holiday gifts.

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